AllSlots Casino Review - Online and Mobile

In these days of ever-expanding online gaming choices, it's difficult to know which is the best venue for you. We've reviewed all the most well-known casinos out there and have determined that All Slots Casino is the best. And their reputation follows their platforms as they are hot stuff in the mobile world of gaming as well. Therefore, please peruse the All Slots Casino Review below - we're sure you'll agree with us.

All Slots Mobile Casino is a leading mobile casino with the complete gaming package for when you are on the go. Available on virtually every mobile device - phone and mobile - including Apple, Android and Blackberry, the mobile casino boasts cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art casino games.

The All Slots Mobile Casino uses the software from Microgaming. This software provides a superior, uninterrupted and smooth game play. Depending on the device being used, players can either download the software onto their mobile or they can play the mobile casino games directly from their server.

The All Slots Mobile Casino Bonus

The welcome bonuses at the All Slots Mobile Casino are another great reason for joining this Canadian online casino.To round it out, on your first deposit, during your first week at the mobile casino you can also claim an enormous Welcome Package of up to $800.

  •     Make your first deposit and claim a 100% match bonus of up to $500
  •     Make your second deposit and claim a 100% match bonus of up to $500
  •     Make your third deposit and claim a 100% of up to $500
New AllSlots bonus offer

The incredible bonuses do not end there. The casino also offers many additional seasonal and one-off promotions and tournaments to enjoy.

The Loyalty Club at All Slots Mobile awards bonus points for every wager you make. For every 1000 points you collect, you will receive $10 in bonus points.

Play Interactive Monthly Promos at All Slots Casinos!

Stunning monthly promotions are open to all members at All Slots Casino.  Although the regular in-house promos are sufficient in themselves, this top Canadian casino has taken it a step further to ensure that players receive extra special rewards.

The Jackpot Factory promotions kick off each month with a special, month-long promotion. Many with four bonus weeks to play in that lead up to the massive prize draw, where a share of a huge jackpot can be won.  By playing each week you can win multiple prizes, from free spins, to great prizes, loyalty points - and earn multiple tickets into the jackpot draw!

Each promo brings a new way to win, with a unique theme. For instance, check out the current monthly promotion - Spin and Win happening Oct 9-16. And when this special week is over, during all the rest of October, there will be daily promotions - check your email and in-casino messages to be sure you don't miss the fun!

All Slots Mobile Casino Games

  • Game
  • HTML5
  • Android Air
  • Web App
  • Java
  • HTML5 Lite

As all fans of the All Slots casino can attest, this casino has the greatest selection of slots games. The All Slots mobile casino offers a variety of slots games including all of the player favorites including the classic Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider as well as the newer favorites such as Immortal Romance.  An All Slots casino will not be complete without some progressive slots games and the mobile casino offers some great titles including Major Millions and Mega Moolah.

As well as the wide range of slots games, there is also a selection of table games on offer such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. Fans of specialty games will be happy to note that keno and scratch card games are also on offer.

All of the mobile games on offer will take advantage of your mobile devices unique functions such as the touch screen functions and the option of switching between a landscape and a portrait orientation.

Banking Options

All of the banking options at All Slots Mobile Casino are safe, secure and very reliable. The casino accepts most credit and debit cards as well as a selection of e-wallets such as Ukash, Neteller and Payforit.

Deposits are instantaneous and where possible the casino allows you to withdraw money using the same method as depositing.

Customer Service

The All Slots Mobile Casino offers responsive and supportive customer support. This support is available to players seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. Players can contact the customer support staff via telephone or email and there are a number of different language options available. The customer support staff promise to attend to their customers needs as quickly as possible. Emails will be responded to within two hours and players using the call back option can expect to be called back within ten minutes.


All Slots Mobile Casino is the perfect provider of casino games for players on the go. There is a great list of games to choose from. The graphics and sound effects are of the highest quality, they boast award winning software and around the clock customer support and the bonuses available are pretty unbelievable.

We hope our slots online casino review has accomplished its purpose. And you now understand, as we do, that All Slots Casino is simply the best around when you take all considerations into account. So log on to the All Slots Mobile Casino today and enjoy an awesome gaming experience wherever you may be.

Android Slots

Much like Linux, the open source operating system on which it is based, the Android operating system and Android phones have a diehard set of fans. While the operating system itself is quite exciting, there is an even better perk: the company’s support for open source developers means that there are numerous casinos that offer Android based mobile gaming! In addition, the touch screen and graphics capabilities of the average Android based phone allow the player to use the phone for a wide range of mobile casino games.

Gambling on an Android Phone Versus a Laptop

While nothing will replace a computer for granting universal access to the widest range of casino games, a mobile phone offers such portability and ease of access that many gamblers find the trade off worthwhile. Using a phone to access casino games lets the gambler spend all the instances where they have only a few minutes of down time playing and betting, since it takes only a few moments to access an app or a phone browser window. This is a major advantage over a laptop, which usually takes at least a few minutes to boot up.

Phones are also substantially more portable than laptops. A phone usually fits into whatever pockets or bags the player may have with him or her, whereas a laptop requires a bag to carry and a seat of some sort in order to use the computer easily. Anyone who has ever tried to carry an open laptop knows that this is not an efficient process. However, phones are simple enough that the player can use them to gamble while standing in line, turning an otherwise unproductive wait into a relaxing break.

Selecting an Android Friendly Casino

The current online gambling market is extremely competitive, with casinos constantly seeking to outdo each other. This means that most of the major casinos are vying to attract all mobile phone gamblers in order to try and beat the competition. If the gambler is already active with a casino or if the gambler has a definite favorite online casino, that casino may well already have an Android friendly mobile gaming platform.

If the gambler’s preferred casino does not feature an Android compatible set of mobile games, the gambler has several other options. One of the easiest is to look into other casinos affiliated with the gambler’s preferred casino. Many All slots casinos are part of networks or have sister casinos and partnerships. These networks are important, as the casinos usually must maintain their reputations and standards in order to keep membership. So, if the player trusts one casino in the network, the others are probably of equally high quality.

If gambler is active on messaging boards, it may be worth asking there. Either gambling based or Linux, Android, and tech based message boards may have good recommendations. Of course, when accepting recommendations from unverified sources, the gambler will want to check the casino’s reviews very carefully.

Android Compatible Casino Games

Fortunately, most of the newer Android phones have relatively good graphics and fairly precise touch screens. These factors mean that game developers can provide higher quality, more complex casino games, as well as providing a greater number of games. However, even with these improvements, gamblers should not expect extremely complicated or graphics intensive casino games.

The main limitations on Android casino games are the size of the screen and the intensity of the graphics. While the Android platform can support complicated graphics, the screen on most of the phones is small enough that an animation which would be extremely visually impressive on a computer sized screen may be hard to see. The small screen also decreases the number of betting options, as it would be extremely hard to adjust the settings on a crowded screen with multiple tiny buttons.

However, game designers are quite clever about working around these restrictions. Android fans will have a wide selection of games to choose from, including poker, blackjack, and all slots.

iPhone For All Slots

Owners of an Apple iPhone find themselves in an interesting position of power. Not only are online casinos seeking to increase the number of games available for the mobile market, but most casinos are also seeking to increase the number of iPad friendly casino games. The iPhone benefits from both, since the platforms are so similar. This means that gamblers who own an iPhone are in a great place to take advantage of new and exciting casino technology.

All Slots iPhone casinos offer the gambler an opportunity to take high quality slots along with him or her anywhere.

Why Not Just Use a Laptop Playing AllSlots?

The laptop and the iPhone are actually not in direct competition in this particular case. Both are useful tools for a gambler on the go, but the laptop and the mobile phone are useful in different situations and have different benefits.

While serious gamblers will probably bring a laptop for extended stays away from home, laptops are far heavier and less portable than an iPhone. A phone fits in a pocket or even the smallest purse; a laptop requires a briefcase or messenger bag of some sort. The laptop is useful for times when the gambler wants to play more complicated or graphics intensive slot games; while the graphics on the iPhone are quite good, the screen is too small to allow for a complicated game. Many of the more intense animated sequences also do not translate, making those slot games more suited to a computer.

The iPhone, by contrast, trades detail for portability. While a gambler would not want to play a marathon session of a highly detailed game on the iPhone, the mobile phone is optimal for filling the time during short waits. Rather than staring off into space while waiting in line, the gambler can fit in a few spins at a favored slots game. It would be immensely impractical to keep a laptop on hand for every 5 minute break, so an iPhone helps to fill that void.

What Kinds of Slot Games are Available for the iPhone?

This is a difficult question, as it varies wildly by game type and casino. Certain games are easier to adapt to the small screen and touch screen of an iPhone. Certain casinos such Allslots are focusing on mobile gambling more than others. In general, the cardinal rule is that if a game is simple enough that all the pertinent information can fit on one small screen, and the controls are simple enough that players can bet easily without mashing every button in the game by accident, a mobile version probably exists.

However, players should not look for the most graphics intensive games in mobile format (yet.) While Adobe has finally released a version of Flash for the iPad and iPhone, many developers are still sticking with the more basic versions of casino games for smaller screened devices with less graphics memory. This means that if a gambler is looking for a slots game, it will be easier to find the simple and cartoony slots than to find the slots version of this season’s major blockbuster production.

Finding an iPhone Friendly Casino

Happily, this part is relatively easy. Most of the major casinos are in direct competition for the mobile market and are releasing and improving their mobile access constantly. This means that if the gambler has a favorite All Slots casino, there is a good chance that the casino already has some mobile friendly games. Even if the casino does not have what the gambler is looking for, casinos often have sister casinos or are part of networks. If the gambler likes and trusts one casino in the network, it is well worth looking into the mobile offerings at other slot casinos.