Learn the difference between crypto-only and crypto-friendly casinos with our guide to cryptocurrency betting online.

Will You Choose Crypto-Only or Crypto-Friendly Gameplay

You should not just sign up for any old casino. Just like conventional online casinos come in all shapes and sizes, so do cryptocurrency casinos. Two of the most prominent kinds are crypto-only and crypto-friendly casinos. What is the difference between the two, though, and are there perks to playing at one type of crypto casino over another? Find out what you could be missing with our guide.

Cryptocurrency Only Casinos

We would imagine that you already have a relatively good idea of what cryptocurrency only casinos are. After all, the clue is in their name. These are online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies. They may accept just one (such as Bitcoin) or several different types. However, their defining feature is that you cannot deposit using FIAT currencies at these casinos.

Crypto-Friendly Casino Sites

By contrast, in crypto-friendly casinos, sites like www.bitcoincasino.io accept both cryptocurrencies and FIAT currency options. Moreover, they will allow you to chop and change which option you want to use when it suits you. Of course, there are reasons why such sites choose to do this, and we will explore those in detail next.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Only Casino

There are certainly benefits to playing at both types of casinos. The main advantage of playing at crypto-only casinos is that they are positively tailor-made for gamblers who prefer digital currencies. This means they offer bonuses and games that are certified as being compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. In short, there is no confusion around compatibility.

The Perks of Crypto-Friendly Casino Sites

By contrast, crypto-friendly casinos are less tailor-made for cryptocurrency users. Make no mistake about it; they are still very much ideal for playing with Bitcoin and other leading options. However, you do not have to use such currencies. Instead, you can deposit and play with FIAT currency options, which makes them ideal for first timers who are not yet comfortable wagering with digital options. These casinos tend to offer you a far more extensive array of games than crypto-only casinos; the flexibility presented to you with the FIAT options on the side allows you a greater degree of options in terms of how to play.

And the Winner Is?

Of course, every internet gambler will have their own preferences on which site they prefer. More casinos out there are crypto-friendly than are crypto-only, so if you want lots of options, we recommend the former. On the basis that you can ease yourself in with crypto-friendly sites like Bitcoin Casino.io, they have a greater array of games, more flexibility with deposit and withdrawal options, and often a greater selection of bonuses, our personal preference is for crypto-friendly casinos over crypto-only sites. However, there are perks (as mentioned above) to choosing the latter, too. Ultimately, as with everything in the online casino world, it is up to you to decide which gambling option suits you best.